Upsetter Thoughts No. 1 | Nappy Nappa

Oct 20

Upsetter Thoughts No. 1 | Nappy Nappa

“I ain’t in the best circumstances but damn sure ain’t in the worst. I’m like a point guard bringing the ball down the court rn creating the play ta get that bucket. I can choose ta go left and get my shit swatted or I can go right and drive into the whole or even pass the rock. I ain’t never scared ta assist cause at the end we all win and sometimes you get doubled teamed but you gotta push thru that and win that game but yea all that ta say I’m in my formative stages life wise so I’m still molding that’s what life is fa me rn”

Location: Community Forklift, Edmonston, Maryland

“Life fa me rn is legitimately whatever I make it if I cluck out fa a day Imma cluck but if I’m in the studio til the wee hours of the morning finishing projects doing concerts and shit I’m creating that life fa me so the world in my hands rn cause when I’m old Imma look back on this time ta see how I got there the world in my hands rn so therefore life is what I make it.”

Location: House/Studio Backyard, Silver Spring, Maryland