Jul 28

The Beginners Guide to Understanding Virginia (Part One): The Upsetter Mix #003 (Mixed by Blood Diamond)

Virginia, specifically the Hampton Roads area where I grew up, is an incredibly diverse place. That diversity breeds creativity, and that creativity breeds greatness. This creativity and greatness extends from the 7 cities to Richmond, and from Richmond across the rest of the state.

There is no better example of the greatness that the state of Virginia produces than it’s contribution to music. Some of the best┬ámusic ever made, of all genres, has come out of Virginia. This mix is an ode to the music that not only helped shape my life, but others like me in VA and across the globe.

Part one of the mix represents the foundation. The foundation for current VA artists to carry on tradition, as well as the foundation laid for artists and musicians everywhere. Enjoy.

– Tashawn (aka Blood Diamond)